Profile Raising

We work closely with the CEO, Board and marketing teams to raise the profile of organisations to all stakeholders.

Reputation Management

The most important asset a company has is its reputation. Every communications you make whether an internal staff memo, a formal media release or a tweet needs to be aligned to your company’s values and communications strategy.

Issues & Crisis Management

Nobody likes a crisis but it is critically important to deal with them quickly and as transparently as possible to preserve and protect your reputation.

We can help you plan for potential issues and crises or help you respond when they occur.

Investor Relations

We work closely with the Board and CEO to communicate transparently to investors at all levels and to facilitate two-way dialogue with the company.

Media Relations

Key to becoming part of the ‘consideration set’ for a particular sector is develop strong and mutually beneficial relationships with key media influencers.

We will identify key targets and develop a strategy to help you build genuine and mutually beneficial relationships.

Media Training

Understanding how the media works and how you can work with them to communicate your messages and facilitate their need for content is an important skill.

We work with a highly-experienced media trainer to explain the nature of this beast and how to operate within the environment.

The training is a mixture of theory and practice and will set you up for successful and enjoyable media interviews.


Over the last 45 years we have worked with Government and with public and private sector organisations to advocate for legislative change. We have been very successful in our campaigns.

Market Positioning

The keystone to developing a strong profile is to understand where you sit in your market. Through our creative thinking workshops with your leadership team, we help you understand your unique position and what issues your key stakeholders are facing.

We use this information to help you craft strong, compelling messages and a strategy to engage the market.

Corporate Writing

We like to work as an extension of your communications team. Often you don’t have time or resources to dedicate to high-quality corporate writing and we can do that for you. Our extensive experience includes case studies, whitepapers, by-lined articles, annual reports, brochures, speeches, presentations, corporate prospectus and more.

Social Media Strategy

Our social media expert can help you develop your social media strategy, your company’s social media policy and train you in to how to engage successfully with your online communities.

Member communications

We have worked with member associations for over 30 years and understand the specific challenges you face in engaging a member community. We perform a number of roles for our associations including developing public affairs and lobbying campaigns, media relations, profile raising, member communications and conference support.

Internal Communications

We can help you develop a communications strategy for your internal stakeholders and develop the messaging, communications and tools to reach out to your staff and importantly to listen to them.